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Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

There is a Skills Gap throughout the United States. Employers have plenty of job openings they can't fill and there are plenty of people unemployed, underemployed, or unsatisfied with the job they have. What's the problem?

Workforce experts call it a job-skills mismatch, according to The people who want work don't always have the skills that employers are looking for. The issue is cropping up in industries from manufacturing and health care to technology and business services.

MyComputerCareer can help you bridge the Skills Gap by providing training that leads to in-demand IT Certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA. We know which IT Certifications are most important, because we are working with IT Hiring Managers every day. They tell us - then hire our students. Do you want a stable high-paying IT Job? Take our FREE Career Evaluation and see if this is something for you. It's the first step to a better life.

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IT Jobs Increasing Despite Slow Economy, IT Crossing Says

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Mon, Jul 12, 2010

IT jobs grow faster in Dallas & other 2nd-tier cities According to Information Technology Crossing, an IT job board that aggregates job postings from numerous major sources from across the Web and across the country (U.S.), demand for IT personnel continues to rise. In a recent press release, the company cited 89,000 new job listings in just the last seven days. "With companies in all sectors increasingly using...more advanced software applications...there will always be a good demand for systems administrators," the article said.

The article also indicates that the lion's share of the IT job growth is coming in areas outside the so-called Tier-One cities like New York, Washington DC, or Silicon Valley. Instead, the best markets for new graduates are in locales not typically thought of as technology hubs--cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and other "second-tier" locations.

That's more good news for students of with computer training centers in Raleigh, NC as well as Dallas and Houston, TX where IT job growth is significantly outpacing the economy as a whole and other major metropolitan areas.

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