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Getting An IT Job Is A Numbers Game

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

If you've worked in sales, you've probably been told "it's a numbers game" - meaning the successful salespeople are successfull because they're the ones making tons of calls and meeting tons of prospects. The greatest salesperson in the World won't have a lick of success if they don't pick up the phone. It's like that here at MyComputerCareer Career Services.

Raleigh CSDWe're not content to just feed resumes to the hiring managers we know and have had success with. That wouldn't be fair to our students. Very recently, we made a lot of progress adding several companies to our career fair. Overall, about a dozen companies, about half new, will have hiring managers out to meet (and hire!) our students.

What this means to our students is very simple; MORE OPPORTUNITY! Monday we had a recent graduate start with a HUGE company here in the Research Triangle Park. He came to us with a very limited techincal background. A few weeks back, a recruiter for this company contacted me seeking a technical trainer. I passed along his resume and he was hired, for a permanent position, at $44K - DOUBLE what he was making previously. Positions like this are rarely advertised on job sites. It's our relationships, built on hard work and the value of our students, that get these jobs. We would love to find a new IT job for you.

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When It Comes To Getting An IT Job, The Quick Eat The Slow

Posted by Claude Green on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

A few weeks ago when I arrived at the MyComputerCareer campus, there was already a manager from the software company upstairs waiting for me. He said he was in a panic and needed help!

It turns out he had been recently put in charge of staffing a project and needed resumes FAST! We discussed his requirements and I suggested he give me 30 minutes to put together some candidates and to come back so we could review the resumes. 

Houston CSDHe was back 30 minutes later for the resumes. About an hour after that, I saw one of our students in a suit and tie on the way upstairs to interview! WHAT!!!!  That's right!!!  They had already done phone screens and were now bringing OUR students in for interviews that day. Another hour went by and ANOTHER student showed up in, you guessed it, suit and tie. Not long after that, he came running into MyComputerCareer to announce he was offered the job!!! This student, not yet graduated, started his new IT job the following Monday at $50K in a full-time permanent position providing software support!!!

Not only do we help our students learn the IT skills hiring managers need, we literally put their resumes in the hands of the people hiring. Isn't that awesome???

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Resume Building For A Computer Career

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

Dallas CSDThis week a student told me he locked down an IT job with a Fortune 100 company! Even though it's an entry level position, he will be installing routers, hubs, and switches - and programming, testing, and turning up equipment. The hiring manager even said he could take home some old equipment to help study for his CCNA. The student was really excited and I am too! What an AWESOME resume builder and a great start to a NEW CAREER!

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Back To The Well For More MyComputerCareer Talent!

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

Well our software company neighbors upstairs are at it again. After receiving his resume, interviewing and making an offer to our student, all in the same day, the hiring manager was on our campus again. He needed our help!!

This time he needed someone for database monitoring. We met for a while and I gave him three candidates that I thought would be a fit.  The next day, one of the students came on campus. He was all dressed up. I had never seen him look so dapper! He had just left the interview and had been offered the job! $30K and he started the very next day!!! This student doesn't show much emotion but he couldn't believe it happened so quickly. He immediately went into the classroom to begin to tell his story.

Houston CSDNot long after that the hiring manager was on campus to tell me how great our students were doing. I did ask about the other candidates I had given him and he told me that those that responded first and could interview first were given first consideration. Once he found the right person there was no need to look any further. You snooze, you lose. 

That's a great lesson on how hard we have to work. If we don't get requirements from hiring managers - and our students' resumes out to hiring managers, they won't get the IT jobs they deserve.

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The Career Services Team Is Dedicated To Getting You An IT Job!

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 09, 2012

There are more and more options each day for people looking for a computer training program focused on IT certifications.  Most make promises in their literature and claim that they're the best for a variety of reasons.  Where we stand out is in our promise to aid students in landing a job in the IT field. 

One of the questions MCC Admissions Directors get asked the most is about our dedication to helping our students break into a new IT career.  We can't blame them for being skeptical and we rarely get to answer with such detail, so we asked our Career Services Director in Raleigh, Shareefah Dickens, to share with us, and you, a rundown of her week.

Career Services Director, Shareefah Dickens"I feel like a very proud mama when I report on our Raleigh students!  This week I was able to submit 12 students for a position and 9 were hired!  The recruiter working on the project reported back with absolute praise saying we saved her.  Her words: 'Your Students were praised over more technical staff, I appreciate all the efforts.'”

"I also found out that one of my good contacts has now moved on to corporate recruiting for [a major pharmaceitical firm] and will attend our next career fair!  Later in the week, I attended a career fair to build my network of hiring managers.  I made contact with [several major area employers].  One Manager said his starting salaries are $70K and up for entry level opportunities!  My plan is to get several students in front of him immediately for review."

Landing your first job in IT isn't easy.  Heck, landing ANY job in today's economy isn't easy.  Most experts will tell you that a successful job search starts with networking and being well prepared.  At MyComputerCareer, you'll find both in the same place.  OUR promise is to go the extra mile in educating and preparing you for your future.  That includes people like Shareefa who's job it is to get you in the door at IT companies all over the area.


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Employer Talks About Computer Careers

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Mel Hall, Founder of Bass Computers in Houston, TX talks with Bruce Ackerman about his impressions of MyComputerCareer and what it takes to be successful as an IT Professional.

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MyComputerCareer Grad Goes from $9/hr. to $120K/yr

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Feb 09, 2011

Meet Jason Pratt, a recent MyComputerCareer graduate who was making $9 per hour at a grocery store after five years, and who recently accepted a post with ITT Tech on a contract for $120,000! Get his story here!

Jason earned six of the eight IT certifications available to him through his IT Career Program at MyComputerCareer. They include the A+, MCDST (Desktop Support), MCTS for Windows 7, MCITP Server Administrator, Net+ from CompTIA and the MCP. His life is forever changed as a result of his 6-months of training at!

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Back to School: Learn to Earn @

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Aug 10, 2010

Back to School Advice for Parents From

Back to schoolIt's back to school time. Students everywhere (and their parents) are stalking the shelves for study supplies, designer jeans, and the appropriate name brand back packs, lunchpails, and other accoutrements they need to win the approval, not only of their teachers, but more importantly, their friends and peers. It's a time-honored ritual and seasonal marketing bonanza that provides a nice jolt of economic activity to jump start the hopefully, hot 4th quarter retail season.

But while you're trekking the aisles of your local Wal Mart wondering how you're going to pay for all this back to school baggage if some of the "economic stimulus" doesn't trickle down to your house pretty soon, consider this....

Maybe YOU should be heading back to school, too!

It's an uncontested fact that there's a high correlation between education and income. In general, the more formal education you have--the more credentials and degrees--the higher salary you're likely to command. From a pragmatic standpoint, knowledge IS power--EARNING power; the more you learn, the more you earn.

In no field is this more true than in the computer industry. Because there's a high premium on specific technical knowledge and skills like programming, network administration, or database management, subject matter experts in these and other areas can do very well professionally and financially, thank you very much. And EVERY organization relies on computers so IT professionals are always in demand. All you need are the appropriate credentials, some demonstrable experience, and access to the IT job market.

Here's the best news of all: It doesn't take a 4-year college degree to gain the skills you'll need for a high-paying job in Information Technology. At, you can obtain both the technical skills and IT industry certifications from Microsoft and others that will take you a long, long way in your career. And you can do it in as little as three short months with classes just two nights a week!

But that's not all. Due to an intensive hands-on training protocol,  you'll achieve a higher level of competence and skill than in any more protracted program we know of. You'll gain real experience that will serve you in the interview and on the job. AND we'll help find you a job! 

In other words, in a few short months, you could be well on your way to higher earnings, a more challenging, satisfying career, and a way to step up your kids' fashion labels (not to mention your own) from "Made in China" to "Calvin Klein." They'll love you for it!

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To IT or NOT to IT: Make Up Your Mind, Already!

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Aug 04, 2010

It's a little sad, really...and a little amusing: A person who visited a full year ago is still mired in self-doubt, posting queries on Internet forums about whether or not s/he should come to school here. "Is it worth the investment?" "Is it a scam?" "Is there a better way?" Unfortunately, s/he's probably not alone.

Too many would-be IT Professionals spend months or years meandering in the gulf of indecision while scores of our students make a decision, enroll, complete their training, get their certifications, and go to work productively and prosperously as computer pros. The investment they made is now PAYING THEM!

So what is the cost of delay? It may be the greatest cost of all! Is Right For Me?

Why? Because the time that elapses during your period of inaction is irretrievable. Once it's gone, it's gone. And so are the employment opportunities and money that you would/could have earned during that time. You can NEVER get it back!

Whenever you "hit the big time," however you define it, you'll always know you could've gotten there 6-months, a year, or two years earlier if you had just taken ACTION and made the decision back then. If you eventually earn $100K per year, and you could have gotten there one year sooner, your indecision cost you at least $100K in lifetime earnings that you can never recover. What would you have done with that money? What did you do with the time?

But for most, the decision not to act now is even worse. Because not now most often turns into never. Indecision is decision after all.

And you gotta love the advice on these forums. "Go to a community college to get your IT certifications. It's cheaper." Or, "There's plenty of FREE information online. Just do it yourself." Some even say things like, "Nobody's ever asked to see my certifications. They're overrated. Go get a degree."

OK. It's their opinion and they're entitled to it. But almost universally, those offering the advice have never attended an IT training class at and have no first-hand knowledge about us. And they never say, "this is how I did it, follow me;" so it's a fair bet that most aren't certified, and probably don't have a degree. So what do they really understand about the unique value of our programs or the comparative value of one approach vs. another?

Do your homework. Get all the information you can from the source. Validate and verify to the best of your ability. Talk to successful people you know and trust. Avoid the uninformed opinions of nay-sayers. Follow your gut. Then, MAKE A DECISION in your own best-interest and don't look back. Whatever course you choose, you'll be empowered to move on with your career and with your life without regret. And if you choose, we'll stand by you to help ensure your success every step of the way!


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Earn 1750% On Your IT Training Investment in Year One

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

IT or Computer ProfessionalDespite temporary setbacks in the economy, Information Technology continues to be a solid career choice for those already in the field or those migrating from other, more depressed industries. Yeah, there’s some chatter online and among I.T. professionals about whether I.T. is a good career choice right now in the run-down economy. Some inside the industry don’t want to see more competition for jobs so they discourage “outsiders” with any bad news they find about layoffs, outsourcing and the like. And that's too bad.  

If you step back from the underbrush and take a look at the forest, the computer industry or Information Technology stands tall and straight among it's withered peers. In a national and global economy that has shrunken or is growing only anemically—especially in the domain of jobs—I.T. is one of only 2 or 3 sectors predicting significant growth over the next several years. So why wouldn’t you position yourself for one of these few growth categories? 

Face it: I.T. is where it’s A.T. Computers and information have become the engine of the global economy in the new millennium. Driven by dynamic and almost daily innovations both at the consumer and commercial levels, there is no visible end to this voracious demand for technology. Every enterprise, and yes, every individual increasingly relies on computer technology in all its variety and will for the foreseeable future. This industry affects all others in a way that is perhaps unparalleled in human history. Computers own! And those who control them control the world! MUAHAHAHA! 

Ok, that may sound a little maniacal but on a rational level, it’s absolutely true. So if you’re changing careers, where do you want to be--a growing industry or a declining one? And what is it worth to you to be there? 

Pathways to an I.T. CareerIT professionals earn more

Every choice in life, every fork in the road, every benefit to be gained has its price. A computer career is no exception. So a thorough examination of the value proposition of this “purchase,” like any major decision is a must. 

The average income for an I.T. professional in the U.S. is currently about $82,000 per year. Robert Half & Associates, a major recruiting and staffing firm for the industry recently published a salary guide for I.T. professionals and here is just a small sampling of job titles that provide that kind of earning potential in 2010 according to them:

In Networking/Telecommunications                       Salary Range

  • Network Manager                                 $75,750 - $105,250
  • Wireless NetworkEngineer                     $73,000 - $  99,000
  • Network Administrator                          $54,500 - $  80,250
  • Telecommunications Mgr.                      $72,250 - $  97,500 

In Technical Services, Help Desk & Technical Support

  • Manager                                             $66,500 - $  92,750
  • Systems Administrator                          $51,250 - $  80,250
  • Systems Engineer                                $64,250 - $  93,250
  • Instructor/Trainer                                 $47,000 - $  74,000
  • Business Continuity Analyst                  $71,750 - $102,750 

In Application Development

  • Project Manager                                   $75,000 - $111,500
  • Systems Analyst                                  $62,250 - $  92,250
  • Developer/Programmer Analyst              $57,000 - $  99,250 

In Database Administration

  • Database Administrator                        $72,750 - $107,000
  • Data Analyst/Reprot Writer                   $56,500 - $  83,250
  • Business Intelligence Analyst                $79,250 - $110,000 

In Internet & E-commerce

  1. Web Developer                                    $57,500 - $ 88,000
  2. Electronic Data Interchange Specialist     $61,500 - $ 87,250
  3. E-Commerce Analyst                             $66,750 - $ 96,250 

The certification training at qualifies students, from a technical standpoint, for many of these positions and countless others that pay as much or more. While additional soft skills and experience will be helpful and may be required in some cases, graduates can expect to compete for many of these high-paying, mid-level jobs within a few years or even months after graduation. 

So what is a fair investment for a career that will pay you $75,000 per year or more for many years to come? A BS degree from a typical state university or college will easily cost $50,000 or more in tuition (to say nothing of books and fees). For a private University, expect to double or triple that sum. And the earning potential in most fields will be no better even with the "branded" degree.

But let's say you could get your education for less--just $25K or so.  At that price, you will triple your investment the very first year you reach average compensation! That's a 300% return in just one year! Unheard of in the financial sector--or with most college degrees. And every year you earn at that level and beyond, your profits pile up exponetially.

Now, in fairness, you're not likely to make $75K your first year out (although you could!). But let's say your first permanent I.T. position paid only half that well--just $37.5K--a modest starting sum, indeed. You will have paid for your education and made 33% ROI in your very first year! That's off the charts in these days of the single-digit return! And everything after that is pure profit.

If you financed your tuition, you will have out-of-pocketed only a fraction of the tuition in the first year or so—let’s say $2,000 of it. In that case, your ROI in year 1 of your new career is 1750%. That's bordering on the insane! And you deserve it!

Even if you financed your training for a minimum term at a moderately high interest rate, you'll easily pay it off with earnings of about $3 an hour. However you run the numbers, investing in an I.T. career is bound to pay YOU in spades. The industry keeps growing as the economy improves. Jobs are plentiful and pay levels for comparable training and experience consistently outperform most other industries. Today, the I.T. career value proposition is excellent. But it stands to get even better in the months and years ahead. So what are you waiting for? Invest in your own success. Do I.T. today!

Take the Free Career Evaluation at

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