IT Training Newswire Success Story: Christopher Jones

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Aug 04, 2010

Chris Jones talks about his experience with

Chris shares his thoughts about the quality of instruction at, how Career Services helped him find an IT job, the value of his IT certifications, and his future expectations as an IT or computer professional.

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To IT or NOT to IT: Make Up Your Mind, Already!

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Aug 04, 2010

It's a little sad, really...and a little amusing: A person who visited a full year ago is still mired in self-doubt, posting queries on Internet forums about whether or not s/he should come to school here. "Is it worth the investment?" "Is it a scam?" "Is there a better way?" Unfortunately, s/he's probably not alone.

Too many would-be IT Professionals spend months or years meandering in the gulf of indecision while scores of our students make a decision, enroll, complete their training, get their certifications, and go to work productively and prosperously as computer pros. The investment they made is now PAYING THEM!

So what is the cost of delay? It may be the greatest cost of all! Is Right For Me?

Why? Because the time that elapses during your period of inaction is irretrievable. Once it's gone, it's gone. And so are the employment opportunities and money that you would/could have earned during that time. You can NEVER get it back!

Whenever you "hit the big time," however you define it, you'll always know you could've gotten there 6-months, a year, or two years earlier if you had just taken ACTION and made the decision back then. If you eventually earn $100K per year, and you could have gotten there one year sooner, your indecision cost you at least $100K in lifetime earnings that you can never recover. What would you have done with that money? What did you do with the time?

But for most, the decision not to act now is even worse. Because not now most often turns into never. Indecision is decision after all.

And you gotta love the advice on these forums. "Go to a community college to get your IT certifications. It's cheaper." Or, "There's plenty of FREE information online. Just do it yourself." Some even say things like, "Nobody's ever asked to see my certifications. They're overrated. Go get a degree."

OK. It's their opinion and they're entitled to it. But almost universally, those offering the advice have never attended an IT training class at and have no first-hand knowledge about us. And they never say, "this is how I did it, follow me;" so it's a fair bet that most aren't certified, and probably don't have a degree. So what do they really understand about the unique value of our programs or the comparative value of one approach vs. another?

Do your homework. Get all the information you can from the source. Validate and verify to the best of your ability. Talk to successful people you know and trust. Avoid the uninformed opinions of nay-sayers. Follow your gut. Then, MAKE A DECISION in your own best-interest and don't look back. Whatever course you choose, you'll be empowered to move on with your career and with your life without regret. And if you choose, we'll stand by you to help ensure your success every step of the way!


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Great News on the IT Job Front at

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Mon, Aug 02, 2010

It was another great week for students of getting IT employment--especially in Dallas. This just in from Todd Mankin, Career Services Director at the Dallas Texas campus:

"What a week! It started off somewhat normal and by the end of the week I have 4 students going to work for AT&T on a 3 year contract through Pinnacle, the Dallas Campus is finishing strong with one of our best months to date."

And that's not all...

"I am super stoked about our new partnership with Pinnacle. It looks like they are going to keep me and my students very busy over the next few months submitting, interviewing, and hopefully several more job offers accepted. My current students that were hired are very excited and are going to lobby for us to get many more students in the door."

Good things are happening in Raleigh, too, with 7 new job orders in the current week. Our new Career Services Director for Houston has also been trained. Here's what Amy Onuska, (CS Director, Raleigh) has to say about her new colleague:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Beverly Kerney, the new Career Services Director for the Houston Campus.  I know that our future students in Houston are very lucky to have such an experienced and caring person overseeing the job search!"

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Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Thu, Jul 29, 2010

MyComputerCareer Houston TX CampusThe Houston Texas campus for is now open! Enrollment for the first certification training classes began on Monday, July 26. The campus is located at 5177 Richmond Ave. It's on the first floor of the "Chase" building near the Galleria in Suite 110. Classes are expected to begin in late August.

"We're very excited about this opening," said Tony Galati, CEO and Founder of "It's a reflection of our confidence in the IT marketplace and in our ability to successfully attract new students and help them transition into high-paying careers in the computer industry." is unique among IT certification schools, broad-based technical schools, and other degree programs in computer science in that it specializes in the special needs of career changers. Students earn up to 10 certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA in three to eight months. The school also offers extensive Career Services support that features an exclusive lifetime commitment to help the career changer not only obtain computer industry employment, but to advance in his/her career over the long term. Graduates are prepared technically, to work in a wide variety of IT jobs from Desktop Support to large scale Network Administration.

The Houston center is the third campus for There are also schools in Dallas and Raleigh, NC. Two additional training centers are planned to open later this year or early in 2011; one in Charlotte, NC and one in St. Louis, MO.


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MCITP is the New MCSE Certification

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Jul 13, 2010

Those entering the IT marketplace today should seek to acquire the most relevant and sought-after IT certifications from Microsoft and other dominant industry vendors. Because of its preeminence among Microsoft certifications for so long, many new or would-be computer professionals still look to the MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification as the foundational credential for their career as a Microsoft pro.

The MCSE, however, was specifically created for "designing andMCITP replaces MCSE certification for Microsoft implementing infrastructures for Windows Server 2003–based business solutions" according to Microsoft. But this technology has been superceded by Server 2008 and other later applications. That is why Microsoft is now advising: "If you want to be certified on newer technologies, such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Windows Server 2008, or Microsoft SQL Server 2008, the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) is the appropriate certification to pursue."

In January of 2010, " target="_blank"> replaced the MCSE certification with the MCITP in their curriculum to keep up with the change in technology and offer students the skills in highest demand in the marketplace.

The MCITP is one of the most significant certifications for IT Professionals, particularly relating to network and database administration. Again, according to Microsoft: "The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification helps validate that an individual has the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a particular job role, such as database administrator or enterprise messaging administrator." Professionals holding the MCITP certification from Microsoft are prepared to hold a wide range of system administrator level positions in IT.

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IT Jobs Increasing Despite Slow Economy, IT Crossing Says

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Mon, Jul 12, 2010

IT jobs grow faster in Dallas & other 2nd-tier cities According to Information Technology Crossing, an IT job board that aggregates job postings from numerous major sources from across the Web and across the country (U.S.), demand for IT personnel continues to rise. In a recent press release, the company cited 89,000 new job listings in just the last seven days. "With companies in all sectors increasingly using...more advanced software applications...there will always be a good demand for systems administrators," the article said.

The article also indicates that the lion's share of the IT job growth is coming in areas outside the so-called Tier-One cities like New York, Washington DC, or Silicon Valley. Instead, the best markets for new graduates are in locales not typically thought of as technology hubs--cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and other "second-tier" locations.

That's more good news for students of with computer training centers in Raleigh, NC as well as Dallas and Houston, TX where IT job growth is significantly outpacing the economy as a whole and other major metropolitan areas.

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Which IT Certifications Are Best?

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

Certified Microft IT AcademyThe debate over I.T. certifications rages on. Many I.T. professionals maintain that their certifications opened doors and have rewarded them financially in ways they never could have achieved without them. Others suggest that experience and skill, not certifications are the currency of success in I.T. They claim that their best opportunities came only after a proven track-record of performance.

The opinions are as varied as the experiences of the individuals who offer them. But most agree that, especially in the formative years of one's career when the resume may be short, IT certifications go a long way toward attracting the attention of hiring managers and opening doors to employment. At the very least, most will concede that the certs tell a potential employer that the candidate is sufficiently committed and disciplined to invest the time and money in relevant IT training. That says a lot!

For the career changer, in particular, IT certifications offer a comparatively fast-track to the essential skills I.T. professionals need to perform and compete in the marketplace. The initials behind the name may not guarantee employment or performance, but they certainly can open doors that would otherwise be closed to the I.T. nube.

Several of the certifications offered in the core curriculum at appear repeatedly in "Top-Ten" certification lists for I.T. professionals. They include the CompTIA A+ and Network+, Microsoft Certified I.T. Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)--MyComputerCareer offers 3 specialties in Windows 7, Server 2008 Active Directory, and Server 2008 Network Infrastructure; as well as Cisco's coveted Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

These important IT certifications consistently find demand in the  marketplace and reward the individuals who hold them. For more information on the specific certifications offered in the I.T. Professional Career Program click the following link.

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Earn 1750% On Your IT Training Investment in Year One

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

IT or Computer ProfessionalDespite temporary setbacks in the economy, Information Technology continues to be a solid career choice for those already in the field or those migrating from other, more depressed industries. Yeah, there’s some chatter online and among I.T. professionals about whether I.T. is a good career choice right now in the run-down economy. Some inside the industry don’t want to see more competition for jobs so they discourage “outsiders” with any bad news they find about layoffs, outsourcing and the like. And that's too bad.  

If you step back from the underbrush and take a look at the forest, the computer industry or Information Technology stands tall and straight among it's withered peers. In a national and global economy that has shrunken or is growing only anemically—especially in the domain of jobs—I.T. is one of only 2 or 3 sectors predicting significant growth over the next several years. So why wouldn’t you position yourself for one of these few growth categories? 

Face it: I.T. is where it’s A.T. Computers and information have become the engine of the global economy in the new millennium. Driven by dynamic and almost daily innovations both at the consumer and commercial levels, there is no visible end to this voracious demand for technology. Every enterprise, and yes, every individual increasingly relies on computer technology in all its variety and will for the foreseeable future. This industry affects all others in a way that is perhaps unparalleled in human history. Computers own! And those who control them control the world! MUAHAHAHA! 

Ok, that may sound a little maniacal but on a rational level, it’s absolutely true. So if you’re changing careers, where do you want to be--a growing industry or a declining one? And what is it worth to you to be there? 

Pathways to an I.T. CareerIT professionals earn more

Every choice in life, every fork in the road, every benefit to be gained has its price. A computer career is no exception. So a thorough examination of the value proposition of this “purchase,” like any major decision is a must. 

The average income for an I.T. professional in the U.S. is currently about $82,000 per year. Robert Half & Associates, a major recruiting and staffing firm for the industry recently published a salary guide for I.T. professionals and here is just a small sampling of job titles that provide that kind of earning potential in 2010 according to them:

In Networking/Telecommunications                       Salary Range

  • Network Manager                                 $75,750 - $105,250
  • Wireless NetworkEngineer                     $73,000 - $  99,000
  • Network Administrator                          $54,500 - $  80,250
  • Telecommunications Mgr.                      $72,250 - $  97,500 

In Technical Services, Help Desk & Technical Support

  • Manager                                             $66,500 - $  92,750
  • Systems Administrator                          $51,250 - $  80,250
  • Systems Engineer                                $64,250 - $  93,250
  • Instructor/Trainer                                 $47,000 - $  74,000
  • Business Continuity Analyst                  $71,750 - $102,750 

In Application Development

  • Project Manager                                   $75,000 - $111,500
  • Systems Analyst                                  $62,250 - $  92,250
  • Developer/Programmer Analyst              $57,000 - $  99,250 

In Database Administration

  • Database Administrator                        $72,750 - $107,000
  • Data Analyst/Reprot Writer                   $56,500 - $  83,250
  • Business Intelligence Analyst                $79,250 - $110,000 

In Internet & E-commerce

  1. Web Developer                                    $57,500 - $ 88,000
  2. Electronic Data Interchange Specialist     $61,500 - $ 87,250
  3. E-Commerce Analyst                             $66,750 - $ 96,250 

The certification training at qualifies students, from a technical standpoint, for many of these positions and countless others that pay as much or more. While additional soft skills and experience will be helpful and may be required in some cases, graduates can expect to compete for many of these high-paying, mid-level jobs within a few years or even months after graduation. 

So what is a fair investment for a career that will pay you $75,000 per year or more for many years to come? A BS degree from a typical state university or college will easily cost $50,000 or more in tuition (to say nothing of books and fees). For a private University, expect to double or triple that sum. And the earning potential in most fields will be no better even with the "branded" degree.

But let's say you could get your education for less--just $25K or so.  At that price, you will triple your investment the very first year you reach average compensation! That's a 300% return in just one year! Unheard of in the financial sector--or with most college degrees. And every year you earn at that level and beyond, your profits pile up exponetially.

Now, in fairness, you're not likely to make $75K your first year out (although you could!). But let's say your first permanent I.T. position paid only half that well--just $37.5K--a modest starting sum, indeed. You will have paid for your education and made 33% ROI in your very first year! That's off the charts in these days of the single-digit return! And everything after that is pure profit.

If you financed your tuition, you will have out-of-pocketed only a fraction of the tuition in the first year or so—let’s say $2,000 of it. In that case, your ROI in year 1 of your new career is 1750%. That's bordering on the insane! And you deserve it!

Even if you financed your training for a minimum term at a moderately high interest rate, you'll easily pay it off with earnings of about $3 an hour. However you run the numbers, investing in an I.T. career is bound to pay YOU in spades. The industry keeps growing as the economy improves. Jobs are plentiful and pay levels for comparable training and experience consistently outperform most other industries. Today, the I.T. career value proposition is excellent. But it stands to get even better in the months and years ahead. So what are you waiting for? Invest in your own success. Do I.T. today!

Take the Free Career Evaluation at

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Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas Targets Dollars for IT Jobs

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Jul 06, 2010

Workforce Solutions Logo Snip

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas has targeted occupations in Information Technology as a focus for training dollars in the current year. Several of the IT jobs listed in high demand are career positions that students of would be qualified to fill after just 3 to 6 months of certification training. In some cases, of course, additional on the job experience would be required.

Average wages in the Dallas County area for these positions range from just over $18 per hour for a Computer Maintenance Technician, to more than $55 per hour for a Computer and Information Systems Manager. Here are some additional examples with base wage data:

  • Computer Support Tech - $21.67/hr.
  • Computer Systems Analyst - $39.17/hr.
  • Computer Security Specialist - $33.40/hr.
  • Network Systems Integrator - $33.40/hr.

The data coming out of Worforce Solutions Greater Dallas also includes positions in the Medical, TelCom, Manufacturing, and Business Administration disciplines. For the most part, the I.T. industry offers the highest overall levels of pay which is why it is a priority for the agency. And of course, IT is an essential function in all these priority industries.

Anyone interested in either entering the computer industry or upgrading his/her skills as an I.T. professional should check out and Worforce Solutions Greater Dallas to see if you're eligible for available funds. specializes in accelerated IT certification training for career changers and working or temporarily displaced I.T. professionals.

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VIDEO: MyComputerCareer Student Talks About IT Training & Career

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Sat, Jun 26, 2010

Warren McNeill is a recent graduate from He attended classes from September '09 to March '10. Warren is now (Jun '10) several months into a successful IT career in network and desktop support.


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