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When It Comes To Getting An IT Job, The Quick Eat The Slow

Posted by Claude Green on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

A few weeks ago when I arrived at the MyComputerCareer campus, there was already a manager from the software company upstairs waiting for me. He said he was in a panic and needed help!

It turns out he had been recently put in charge of staffing a project and needed resumes FAST! We discussed his requirements and I suggested he give me 30 minutes to put together some candidates and to come back so we could review the resumes. 

Houston CSDHe was back 30 minutes later for the resumes. About an hour after that, I saw one of our students in a suit and tie on the way upstairs to interview! WHAT!!!!  That's right!!!  They had already done phone screens and were now bringing OUR students in for interviews that day. Another hour went by and ANOTHER student showed up in, you guessed it, suit and tie. Not long after that, he came running into MyComputerCareer to announce he was offered the job!!! This student, not yet graduated, started his new IT job the following Monday at $50K in a full-time permanent position providing software support!!!

Not only do we help our students learn the IT skills hiring managers need, we literally put their resumes in the hands of the people hiring. Isn't that awesome???

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