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Graduate, Phil Smeby, Speaks to GIs About MyComputerCareer

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Jul 24, 2012

IT is an outstanding career choice for GIs who enjoy working with computers. Military discipline, security awareness and clearances, commitment, and teamwork are all high-value commodities in the IT industry.

Phil Smeby is a recent MyComputerCareer graduate who has had enormous success transitioning from his military to civilian career in IT with the help of the instructors and Career Services professionals at the school. In this brief video, Phil shares some of his experience and advice with fellow military personnel.

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Why Online-Only IT Career Training Programs Don't Work

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Mon, Apr 09, 2012

Online-Only Courses Don't WorkProspective career changers and IT professionals looking to gain key IT certifications will find online-only computer training programs tempting. Costs are often attractive and occasional add-ons like instructor support through email or chat create a sense reassurance that you will have the assistance you need to achieve your goal.

While a few students who are highly self-motivated and have previous IT training or experience can be successful with this type of program, most simply will not. Here's why:

1. Lack of structure and accountability - Self-paced learning programs often fail because the student has little or no external incentive to stay on pace. Even if you do complete the program, it will likely take you longer simply because you have that option; and life will get in the way. Since time is money, the added time it takes to reach your goal--if you ever do--will cost you dearly.

On the other hand: Structured, instructor-led, classroom training "forces" you to stay on schedule, provides peer and instructor support on a daily basis, and gives you the accountability and incentive you need to override life's distractions and stay on pace --especially in a program that's intensive and condensed.

2. Quality of Instruction - Would you rather gain your training from a seasoned IT Professional in the classroom who is your mentor, advocate, and friend, or from a "nameless" support agent sitting in a service center fielding questions from, possibly, dozens of students at once?

MyComputerCareer instructors are expert IT pros with years of on the job experience. Their insights are invaluable to actually being able to apply what you learn in class, on the job.



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Employer Talks About Computer Careers

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Mel Hall, Founder of Bass Computers in Houston, TX talks with Bruce Ackerman about his impressions of MyComputerCareer and what it takes to be successful as an IT Professional.

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MyComputerCareer Career Services Rocks - Persistence Pays!

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Feb 07, 2012

Claude Green, Houston CSDHouston Campus - Career Services Director, Claude Green:

I had a meeting yesterday with Harry B. and Calvin S. with E** Staffing.  Harry is the owner and Calvin is the IT guru.  We met to talk about IT job opportunities in the Houston area.

Of course IT candidates will not be a problem as MyCC will be providing them with a stream of skilled and certified candidates as the job orders start pouring in.  They also have an office in Dallas so there should be some opportunities for our Dallas campus as well.

I have been working with B*** Staffing for over a year now and it took that long for us to finally get a student placed with them.  Once that happened we were able to place a second student with them almost immediately. They gave me two job orders today, one with an energy company and one with an oil and gas company and pleaded with me to help them fill both positions.  No problem!!

Over a year ago I decided to cold call companies in our building to see if there was a need for IT candidates.  I came across a company called Mob*** and met with the IT Director.  They develop software for oil and gas companies and do a lot of work for EXXON.  I stayed with it and continued sending them resumes from time to time over the last 10 months and I finally got another bite.  They are now looking for a software analyst, someone to provide support for the software they develop.  They have interviewed a couple more of our students this week and should be making a decision on Monday as to who they wish to hire.

Todd Mankin, Dallas CSDDallas Campus - Career Services Director, Todd Mankin

This week was a productive one for me as I spent a bit more time out seeing clients and drumming up new business. I didn’t get as many job orders as I would have liked to but had a few meetings that I think are going to pay off handsomely in the coming months.

C*** interviewed four students this week and are going to make an offer to at least one of them on Monday or Tuesday of next week. They have three positions open and we are hoping that MyCC students are chosen for all of them.  I expect there are other ways for MyCC and [the company] to partner very soon. Thanks Autumn!

V*** interviewed Jim M. this week and the interview went very well. Jim told me that the manager gave him the story about how I placed him as a NOC Tech there 12 years ago. Jim said that 3 of the 4 managers and employees that he met told him that I placed them there when I was recruiting. I found that amusing and humbling at the same time. I am really hoping that Jim gets in the door and helps champion our students in. This could be a huge break!

This week E. M. interviewed with [two companies]. He is torn at this point because [one] really liked him and may make him an offer, but [the other] has already made him an offer and he has accepted it. I told him that either way he is in a great position. Two excellent job opportunities in the same week! Exciting for him.

Shareefah Dickens, Raleigh CSDRaleigh Campus - Career Services Director, Shareefah Dickens

Week 5 of 2012

The Raleigh campus has had to make a few adjustments this week to accommodate students.  We had the cover-letter and interview workshop this week.  With the large class that recently started, I have decided to have workshops on Monday and Tuesday to split the class.  The new class actually has a good amount of people on campus on Tuesday.  They were driving from up to 2 hours away to get to class!

My goal this week was to make sure H** were on board with hiring the three students they extended offers to last year.  I took doughnuts over to their office and decided to ask the manager out to lunch on the spot.  Well it just so happen she was available.  We discussed why the process was moving so slow and she advised me to let the students know she would do everything in her power to speed things up.  Well, Bobby S., Douglas H., and Emir D. received their offer letters yesterday and will start on Monday 2-6-11.  They are all really excited because this will be their first opportunity to work onsite as Helpdesk Technicians. 

I met with [my contact] over at M*** to discuss how we can continue our partnership.  The company has really expanded in this area and she is a great contact for Raleigh. She is open to participating in campus activities and helping to market our students.

Success Story:  Jeff C. took an entry level IT position at IBM over 6 months ago to stay in the field while he completed his certifications. He was offered a position with [a new company] making 19.00/hr which was an upgrade from his IBM position.  He was not hesitant at all to start this position.  He walked in the door on Tuesday.  Chris Mullan helped to make this happen and plans to get more of our students upgraded to this from the IBM contracts.

Bruce W. and Jeffrey L. are now confirmed to start with C*** on Monday as Technical Support Engineers. Until next week.

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MyComputerCareer Now Nationaly Accredited Through ACCET

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Sep 21, 2011 recently gained academic accreditation through ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. This is a significant milestone in the growth and development of the institution.

ACCET Accredited Accreditation is important to any school but particularly so, to private schools like MyComputerCareer. It certifies to the public that the institution meets or exceeds reasonable standards of academic excellence, ethics and value, and delivers on its promises. Every aspect of the institution is thoroughly examined from its financial structure and pricing to admissions policies; advertising claims to academic performance and job placement results. Interestingly, accreditation standards for private schools are significantly higher than for public colleges and universities. Accreditation is also a prerequisite for federal loans and loan guarantees like those offered through Title IV and the GI Bill.

Accreditation board members from ACCET consisting of representatives from peer institutions visited the MyComputerCareer campuses earlier this year to evaluate the school against the rigorous professional standards set by the Council. ACCET is recognized by the US Department of Education as an official accrediting body. On September 1, 2011, was officially awarded the long sought-for accreditation. 

“This has been a personal goal of mine and of our school ever since we opened our doors in 2008,” said Tony Galati, the school’s founder and President. “We have continually sought to improve our programs and practices to deliver the highest quality experience and best results for our students. For us, that means successful transition into the IT (Information Technology) profession. This [accreditation] just validates our efforts.”

“We’re extremely excited about the options this will open up for our students," Mr. Galati said. “It means the outstanding career opportunities offered in the computer industry and the lifestyle that represents will be open to more students—whether they’re fresh out of high school, changing careers at mid-life, or already in IT and upgrading their skills. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Rachel Jett Rockets to IT Career Success

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Thu, Jul 07, 2011

Rachel Jett, a MyComputerCareer student in Raleigh attended two other schools, one public and one private, before coming to for her IT certifications. After a year of spinning her wheels (or idling her engines) she attained several certifications and got her first IT job complete with a 50% pay raise, in less than 3 months at MyComputerCareer. Here's the REST of the story...

My Computer Career

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MyComputerCareer IT Jobs: A day in the week

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Mon, Feb 21, 2011

Here's an example of a weekly report from one of our Career Services Directors reporting on students getting IT jobs. It clearly illustrates the success stories that happen for career changers when they follow the MyComputerCareer program and believe in themselves. Congratulations to those mentioned below and all students at MyComputerCareer that are working hard and achieving their career goals!

Report from Chris Mullen, Career Services Director, Raleigh campus:

As I signed off last week, I mentioned: “Career Services has high hopes for next week – it could be a big one!!!”  I felt good going into the week, but had no idea just how big of a week it would really be – and it all started on Monday.  Literally every day this week I had at least one student come to tell me they had landed a position

David S. landed over at IBM just 2 months into the (MyComputer Career) program – he was formerly a bus boy for an Olive Garden.  He walked into campus at around 6:10 on Monday evening smiling from ear to ear – “Thank you so much,” he said.  “My Grandfather actually told me he was proud of me.”  Talk about great stuff!!  This is the first step of big things to come for him and I am just really excited to be a part of it. 

IBM Logo

Another big time success was that of Jess N.  Jess came to me about a month ago to finalize the mock interview so he could get moving with finding a new opportunity.  Two weeks into the process, he came to me frustrated, telling me he was getting calls but wasn’t moving forward with anything.  His reason:  lack of experience.  He had come from an automotive mechanic background, and his thought was if I don’t have the experience, I won’t be considered for the position.  I told him – they have your resume in hand and know what skills you bring to the table.  Why would they be calling if they didn’t have interest??  The power of positive thinking goes a long way and this all made sense to Jess.  The very next day, he got a call for an IT support role that didn’t pan out, but he thought he really did well explaining what skills he had that would translate. 

The following Monday, I got his resume over to Joel, one of my contacts with The Select Group, for a position that they were working on.  Joel immediately fell in love with Jess’s attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful in IT and promptly submitted him to another client of his – Quintiles – where Jess interviewed and got the job. 

He came in to discuss the new position with me and his excitement about the role.  He thanked me, but I told him to thank himself – without his positive approach, he would have never even gotten an opportunity to move forward.  The same can be said for most of our students.  If you have a positive outlook on everything, good things will come, and in this case, everything worked out for Jess, as he sees Quintiles as a potential home for him.  I am really excited for Jess!!! 

Quintiles logo

Plenty of interviews are still pending and we have another student that is on the brink of getting his “fly out date” for Afghanistan – more to come…

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MyComputerCareer Grad Goes from $9/hr. to $120K/yr

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Feb 09, 2011

Meet Jason Pratt, a recent MyComputerCareer graduate who was making $9 per hour at a grocery store after five years, and who recently accepted a post with ITT Tech on a contract for $120,000! Get his story here!

Jason earned six of the eight IT certifications available to him through his IT Career Program at MyComputerCareer. They include the A+, MCDST (Desktop Support), MCTS for Windows 7, MCITP Server Administrator, Net+ from CompTIA and the MCP. His life is forever changed as a result of his 6-months of training at!

My Computer Career

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Hiring for IT Jobs Jumps in North Carolina

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Thu, Sep 16, 2010

According to a recent article in the Raleigh News and Observer, Openings for Information Technology (IT) jobs in North Carolina took a giant leap forward from July to August--up 14.9%. Citing a report from the NC Technology Assn. (NCTA), the number of IT job openings in the state during this period represents a 400% increase over the same period last year. This is great news for students and others seeking opportunity in the growing IT industry.

The North Carolina numbers substantially outpace national IT technology openings which increased just 3.3% in July-to-August timeframe. Recent data published by NCTA also indicates that IT employment in the Raleigh-Cary metro is up 6% over last year, and up 8% in Durham. Career Services in Raleigh has confirmed a substantial improvement in hiring compared with 2009.


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Back to School: Learn to Earn @

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Aug 10, 2010

Back to School Advice for Parents From

Back to schoolIt's back to school time. Students everywhere (and their parents) are stalking the shelves for study supplies, designer jeans, and the appropriate name brand back packs, lunchpails, and other accoutrements they need to win the approval, not only of their teachers, but more importantly, their friends and peers. It's a time-honored ritual and seasonal marketing bonanza that provides a nice jolt of economic activity to jump start the hopefully, hot 4th quarter retail season.

But while you're trekking the aisles of your local Wal Mart wondering how you're going to pay for all this back to school baggage if some of the "economic stimulus" doesn't trickle down to your house pretty soon, consider this....

Maybe YOU should be heading back to school, too!

It's an uncontested fact that there's a high correlation between education and income. In general, the more formal education you have--the more credentials and degrees--the higher salary you're likely to command. From a pragmatic standpoint, knowledge IS power--EARNING power; the more you learn, the more you earn.

In no field is this more true than in the computer industry. Because there's a high premium on specific technical knowledge and skills like programming, network administration, or database management, subject matter experts in these and other areas can do very well professionally and financially, thank you very much. And EVERY organization relies on computers so IT professionals are always in demand. All you need are the appropriate credentials, some demonstrable experience, and access to the IT job market.

Here's the best news of all: It doesn't take a 4-year college degree to gain the skills you'll need for a high-paying job in Information Technology. At, you can obtain both the technical skills and IT industry certifications from Microsoft and others that will take you a long, long way in your career. And you can do it in as little as three short months with classes just two nights a week!

But that's not all. Due to an intensive hands-on training protocol,  you'll achieve a higher level of competence and skill than in any more protracted program we know of. You'll gain real experience that will serve you in the interview and on the job. AND we'll help find you a job! 

In other words, in a few short months, you could be well on your way to higher earnings, a more challenging, satisfying career, and a way to step up your kids' fashion labels (not to mention your own) from "Made in China" to "Calvin Klein." They'll love you for it!

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