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Third Time's a Charm

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Thu, Mar 14, 2013

We recently placed a MyComputerCareer graduate into a Tier 1 Helpdesk position in Raleigh. This graduate came to us unemployed and feeling really defeated over his situation. He spent his time at MyComputerCareer focused on passing certification exams and learning how to capture a job. Although he made it to the final round of interviews the first two times out, the job went to someone else. Never detered or discouraged, he began interviewing with another company and got his first IT job. With IT training from MyComputerCareer and the determination to succeed, he was able to launch his computer career!


Are you feeling defeated in your current emplyment situation? If so, and if you have the determination to make it in a new career, MyComputerCareer can help you obtain the knowledge and skills to begin your own IT career. MyComputerCareer has the program to get you started - regardless of your background. Take the FREE Career Evaluation today and get yourself moving towards a better life in a new career!

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