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Reputation Management Gets Our Students IT Jobs

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Wed, Jun 06, 2012

Houston CSDI thought I had spoken with every staffing company in Houston, but not the one that called me last week. They have heard of MyComputerCareer, 'though. The recruiter that contacted me said he knew us from some of our students. These students worked for a company that he was staffing for and had all been doing a really good job.

It says a great deal about the type of service we are providing to the community here in Houston. To get a call from a company that knows us because of our students is remarkable.

This recruiter had a client that needed techs to build and test laptops, desktops and servers.  We spent some time together and I provided him with some students. Thus far he has called and interviewed every student I sent him and they are all moving forward in the hiring process. The problem is he wants MORE candidates!!! What a problem to have!

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