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Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

Well our software company neighbors upstairs are at it again. After receiving his resume, interviewing and making an offer to our student, all in the same day, the hiring manager was on our campus again. He needed our help!!

This time he needed someone for database monitoring. We met for a while and I gave him three candidates that I thought would be a fit.  The next day, one of the students came on campus. He was all dressed up. I had never seen him look so dapper! He had just left the interview and had been offered the job! $30K and he started the very next day!!! This student doesn't show much emotion but he couldn't believe it happened so quickly. He immediately went into the classroom to begin to tell his story.

Houston CSDNot long after that the hiring manager was on campus to tell me how great our students were doing. I did ask about the other candidates I had given him and he told me that those that responded first and could interview first were given first consideration. Once he found the right person there was no need to look any further. You snooze, you lose. 

That's a great lesson on how hard we have to work. If we don't get requirements from hiring managers - and our students' resumes out to hiring managers, they won't get the IT jobs they deserve.

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