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Getting An IT Job Is A Numbers Game

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 30, 2012

If you've worked in sales, you've probably been told "it's a numbers game" - meaning the successful salespeople are successfull because they're the ones making tons of calls and meeting tons of prospects. The greatest salesperson in the World won't have a lick of success if they don't pick up the phone. It's like that here at MyComputerCareer Career Services.

Raleigh CSDWe're not content to just feed resumes to the hiring managers we know and have had success with. That wouldn't be fair to our students. Very recently, we made a lot of progress adding several companies to our career fair. Overall, about a dozen companies, about half new, will have hiring managers out to meet (and hire!) our students.

What this means to our students is very simple; MORE OPPORTUNITY! Monday we had a recent graduate start with a HUGE company here in the Research Triangle Park. He came to us with a very limited techincal background. A few weeks back, a recruiter for this company contacted me seeking a technical trainer. I passed along his resume and he was hired, for a permanent position, at $44K - DOUBLE what he was making previously. Positions like this are rarely advertised on job sites. It's our relationships, built on hard work and the value of our students, that get these jobs. We would love to find a new IT job for you.

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