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The Career Services Team Is Dedicated To Getting You An IT Job!

Posted by Ralph Giovenco on Mon, Apr 09, 2012

There are more and more options each day for people looking for a computer training program focused on IT certifications.  Most make promises in their literature and claim that they're the best for a variety of reasons.  Where we stand out is in our promise to aid students in landing a job in the IT field. 

One of the questions MCC Admissions Directors get asked the most is about our dedication to helping our students break into a new IT career.  We can't blame them for being skeptical and we rarely get to answer with such detail, so we asked our Career Services Director in Raleigh, Shareefah Dickens, to share with us, and you, a rundown of her week.

Career Services Director, Shareefah Dickens"I feel like a very proud mama when I report on our Raleigh students!  This week I was able to submit 12 students for a position and 9 were hired!  The recruiter working on the project reported back with absolute praise saying we saved her.  Her words: 'Your Students were praised over more technical staff, I appreciate all the efforts.'”

"I also found out that one of my good contacts has now moved on to corporate recruiting for [a major pharmaceitical firm] and will attend our next career fair!  Later in the week, I attended a career fair to build my network of hiring managers.  I made contact with [several major area employers].  One Manager said his starting salaries are $70K and up for entry level opportunities!  My plan is to get several students in front of him immediately for review."

Landing your first job in IT isn't easy.  Heck, landing ANY job in today's economy isn't easy.  Most experts will tell you that a successful job search starts with networking and being well prepared.  At MyComputerCareer, you'll find both in the same place.  OUR promise is to go the extra mile in educating and preparing you for your future.  That includes people like Shareefa who's job it is to get you in the door at IT companies all over the area.


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