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Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Feb 07, 2012

Claude Green, Houston CSDHouston Campus - Career Services Director, Claude Green:

I had a meeting yesterday with Harry B. and Calvin S. with E** Staffing.  Harry is the owner and Calvin is the IT guru.  We met to talk about IT job opportunities in the Houston area.

Of course IT candidates will not be a problem as MyCC will be providing them with a stream of skilled and certified candidates as the job orders start pouring in.  They also have an office in Dallas so there should be some opportunities for our Dallas campus as well.

I have been working with B*** Staffing for over a year now and it took that long for us to finally get a student placed with them.  Once that happened we were able to place a second student with them almost immediately. They gave me two job orders today, one with an energy company and one with an oil and gas company and pleaded with me to help them fill both positions.  No problem!!

Over a year ago I decided to cold call companies in our building to see if there was a need for IT candidates.  I came across a company called Mob*** and met with the IT Director.  They develop software for oil and gas companies and do a lot of work for EXXON.  I stayed with it and continued sending them resumes from time to time over the last 10 months and I finally got another bite.  They are now looking for a software analyst, someone to provide support for the software they develop.  They have interviewed a couple more of our students this week and should be making a decision on Monday as to who they wish to hire.

Todd Mankin, Dallas CSDDallas Campus - Career Services Director, Todd Mankin

This week was a productive one for me as I spent a bit more time out seeing clients and drumming up new business. I didn’t get as many job orders as I would have liked to but had a few meetings that I think are going to pay off handsomely in the coming months.

C*** interviewed four students this week and are going to make an offer to at least one of them on Monday or Tuesday of next week. They have three positions open and we are hoping that MyCC students are chosen for all of them.  I expect there are other ways for MyCC and [the company] to partner very soon. Thanks Autumn!

V*** interviewed Jim M. this week and the interview went very well. Jim told me that the manager gave him the story about how I placed him as a NOC Tech there 12 years ago. Jim said that 3 of the 4 managers and employees that he met told him that I placed them there when I was recruiting. I found that amusing and humbling at the same time. I am really hoping that Jim gets in the door and helps champion our students in. This could be a huge break!

This week E. M. interviewed with [two companies]. He is torn at this point because [one] really liked him and may make him an offer, but [the other] has already made him an offer and he has accepted it. I told him that either way he is in a great position. Two excellent job opportunities in the same week! Exciting for him.

Shareefah Dickens, Raleigh CSDRaleigh Campus - Career Services Director, Shareefah Dickens

Week 5 of 2012

The Raleigh campus has had to make a few adjustments this week to accommodate students.  We had the cover-letter and interview workshop this week.  With the large class that recently started, I have decided to have workshops on Monday and Tuesday to split the class.  The new class actually has a good amount of people on campus on Tuesday.  They were driving from up to 2 hours away to get to class!

My goal this week was to make sure H** were on board with hiring the three students they extended offers to last year.  I took doughnuts over to their office and decided to ask the manager out to lunch on the spot.  Well it just so happen she was available.  We discussed why the process was moving so slow and she advised me to let the students know she would do everything in her power to speed things up.  Well, Bobby S., Douglas H., and Emir D. received their offer letters yesterday and will start on Monday 2-6-11.  They are all really excited because this will be their first opportunity to work onsite as Helpdesk Technicians. 

I met with [my contact] over at M*** to discuss how we can continue our partnership.  The company has really expanded in this area and she is a great contact for Raleigh. She is open to participating in campus activities and helping to market our students.

Success Story:  Jeff C. took an entry level IT position at IBM over 6 months ago to stay in the field while he completed his certifications. He was offered a position with [a new company] making 19.00/hr which was an upgrade from his IBM position.  He was not hesitant at all to start this position.  He walked in the door on Tuesday.  Chris Mullan helped to make this happen and plans to get more of our students upgraded to this from the IBM contracts.

Bruce W. and Jeffrey L. are now confirmed to start with C*** on Monday as Technical Support Engineers. Until next week.

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