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To IT or NOT to IT: Make Up Your Mind, Already!

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Wed, Aug 04, 2010

It's a little sad, really...and a little amusing: A person who visited a full year ago is still mired in self-doubt, posting queries on Internet forums about whether or not s/he should come to school here. "Is it worth the investment?" "Is it a scam?" "Is there a better way?" Unfortunately, s/he's probably not alone.

Too many would-be IT Professionals spend months or years meandering in the gulf of indecision while scores of our students make a decision, enroll, complete their training, get their certifications, and go to work productively and prosperously as computer pros. The investment they made is now PAYING THEM!

So what is the cost of delay? It may be the greatest cost of all! Is Right For Me?

Why? Because the time that elapses during your period of inaction is irretrievable. Once it's gone, it's gone. And so are the employment opportunities and money that you would/could have earned during that time. You can NEVER get it back!

Whenever you "hit the big time," however you define it, you'll always know you could've gotten there 6-months, a year, or two years earlier if you had just taken ACTION and made the decision back then. If you eventually earn $100K per year, and you could have gotten there one year sooner, your indecision cost you at least $100K in lifetime earnings that you can never recover. What would you have done with that money? What did you do with the time?

But for most, the decision not to act now is even worse. Because not now most often turns into never. Indecision is decision after all.

And you gotta love the advice on these forums. "Go to a community college to get your IT certifications. It's cheaper." Or, "There's plenty of FREE information online. Just do it yourself." Some even say things like, "Nobody's ever asked to see my certifications. They're overrated. Go get a degree."

OK. It's their opinion and they're entitled to it. But almost universally, those offering the advice have never attended an IT training class at and have no first-hand knowledge about us. And they never say, "this is how I did it, follow me;" so it's a fair bet that most aren't certified, and probably don't have a degree. So what do they really understand about the unique value of our programs or the comparative value of one approach vs. another?

Do your homework. Get all the information you can from the source. Validate and verify to the best of your ability. Talk to successful people you know and trust. Avoid the uninformed opinions of nay-sayers. Follow your gut. Then, MAKE A DECISION in your own best-interest and don't look back. Whatever course you choose, you'll be empowered to move on with your career and with your life without regret. And if you choose, we'll stand by you to help ensure your success every step of the way!


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