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Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas Targets Dollars for IT Jobs

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Tue, Jul 06, 2010

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Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas has targeted occupations in Information Technology as a focus for training dollars in the current year. Several of the IT jobs listed in high demand are career positions that students of would be qualified to fill after just 3 to 6 months of certification training. In some cases, of course, additional on the job experience would be required.

Average wages in the Dallas County area for these positions range from just over $18 per hour for a Computer Maintenance Technician, to more than $55 per hour for a Computer and Information Systems Manager. Here are some additional examples with base wage data:

  • Computer Support Tech - $21.67/hr.
  • Computer Systems Analyst - $39.17/hr.
  • Computer Security Specialist - $33.40/hr.
  • Network Systems Integrator - $33.40/hr.

The data coming out of Worforce Solutions Greater Dallas also includes positions in the Medical, TelCom, Manufacturing, and Business Administration disciplines. For the most part, the I.T. industry offers the highest overall levels of pay which is why it is a priority for the agency. And of course, IT is an essential function in all these priority industries.

Anyone interested in either entering the computer industry or upgrading his/her skills as an I.T. professional should check out and Worforce Solutions Greater Dallas to see if you're eligible for available funds. specializes in accelerated IT certification training for career changers and working or temporarily displaced I.T. professionals.

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