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Raleigh IT Jobs Update: 28 May 2010

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, May 28, 2010


Rob S. will be at IBM for at least the next 2 months-his first IT contract EVER! 

Chris H. accepted a contract to hire position through Modis at HCL America-his first full time IT JOB!!!!

Jorge M. will be joining a bi-lingual IBM help desk!  This will really help him to distance himself from the manufacturing IT positions he's had in the past!

Job Offers Accepted this Month: 11

I have been playing phone tag with 3 other students that have landed IT jobs on their own.....Chris W., Jason P. & Wayne B!  As soon as I have their info.....I'll be announcing 3 MORE JOB OFFERS ACCEPTED FOR JUNE!!!! 

27 out of 27 students from the April 2010 class attended last night's Job Search Expert Workshop!  This is my favorite workshop because every single student walks away with specific goals to help them define their personal job search.  I also open their eyes on the value of Quality Submittals vs. Quantity of Submittals.  By doing research and spending some extra time, a job seeker can make themselves stand-out above the crowd which is an absolute necessity in today's job market!

Amy Onuska, Career Services Director, Raleigh Campus 

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