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IT jobs expand 2 consecutive quarters

Posted by Bruce Ackerman on Fri, May 21, 2010

The US economy added new IT jobs--26,000 of them--in Q1 of 2010. According to a recent article in Information Week, the rise follows a similar uptick in Q4 of 2009 and marks the first time in two years that the IT industry has seen a net increase in jobs during two consecuteive quarters. Overall, the article says, IT employment is up by almost 100,000 jobs since it hit rock bottom in the first quarter of 2009.

In addition to the rising tide of full-time hires, employers say they're looking for the most cost-effective ways to acquire specific skills through a combination of new hires, contractors, and software or infrastructure services like cloud-based applications. That's good news for new I.T. professionals like students and graduates of who are entering the market with specific, in-demand certifications rather than the more general education provided by a two or four-year degree program from a college or university.

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